What is Audi Drive Select?

by | Dec 15, 2022 | Guides

The Audi Drive Select (ADS) option is installed to adjust throttle response, transmission, steering, and suspension individually.

With its help, the control mode can be changed in the direction of travel. Audi offers the option as an option with possibility of modular expansion. The ADS option on the Audi A is exceptionally versatile, including adaptive air suspension, controlled damping and an eight-speed Tiptronic engine management system.

While driving, the driver can select the mode:

  • Auto – the system adapts to the traffic situation and offers balanced settings;
  • Comfort – automatic adjustment for relaxed driving on long trips;
  • Eco-fuel economy;
  • Dynamic – sporty driving with adjustable dampers and engine speed. The engine is susceptible to the accelerator pedal to provide a quick response to control.
  • Individual – freely programmable level, you can adapt the system to your characteristic with MMIs with MMI.

By installing the Audi Drive Select option, you will control the car’s driving performance at the touch of a button. The choice between five settings will significantly change the springs and dampers’ characteristics and air boosters.

Depending on the mode, the engine and gearbox will react differently to the movements of the accelerator pedal; the reaction will be spontaneous or balanced. Audi Drive Select is controlled via the MMI panel or the buttons on the centre console, depending on the model.

ADS is ordered with one or more settings to choose from. Often complemented by electronic flavour control. The control unit makes 1000 calculations per second per wheel; based on these calculations, the valve quickly changes the stiffness of the electrically controlled flavours.

Watch a demonstration of the proposed ADS option in the video with English commentary. Consider ease of shifting, which helps optimize vehicle performance based on driving style.

Further Reading: http://www.audienthusiasts.com/Project_ADS.html


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