What is the Audi Black Optic Package?

by | Dec 17, 2022 | Guides

The Audi Black Optic package is an optional feature offered by Audi on some of its models. It typically includes a range of exterior styling enhancements that are finished in black, such as the grille, window trim, and alloy wheels. The package is designed to give the vehicle a sportier and more aggressive appearance.

In addition to the exterior styling enhancements, the Black Optic package may include interior trim elements finished in black, such as the dashboard and door panels. The specific features and components included in the package can vary depending on the model and year of the vehicle.

The Audi Black Optic package is typically offered on higher trim levels or as a standalone option that can be added to the base model. It is worth noting that the package may not be available on all Audi models or in all markets.

Exterior Features of the Audi Black Optic Package

The exterior features of a vehicle package may include black exterior trim, a black roof, more extensive and darker rims, black Audi rings and badges, black exterior mirror housings, a sport suspension, black exhaust tips, a black front grille, all-season or summer tires, a black rear lip spoiler, black side sill blades, red or black brake callipers, and black roof rails. These features may vary depending on the specific vehicle.

This package is not available on the base Premium Audi trim but is standard on the Premium Plus + Prestige models. Here’s an article detailing the variations between Audi models to satisfy your curiosity. Many people in the States have been wondering whether they can get their hands on the black optic bundle, and the answer is a resounding yes.

How Much Does the Black Optic Package for the Audi Cost?

Some cars benefit more than others from the Black Optic package. Hence the price may vary. Consequently, specific car costs for the year 2023 are shown below. Additional charges of £900 are incurred when placing an order for the black optic package via Audi Exclusive. Add £900 to the total down to account for all costs. The Audi Exclusive program lets buyers customize their automobiles with unique exterior and interior finishes.

Model Price (in £)
A3 £1,278
S3 £1,543
RS 3 £628
A4 £420
S4 £840
A5 £1,885
S5 £1,188
RS 5 £4,605
A6 £1,512
S6 £630
RS 6 Avant £2,048
A7 £1,700
S7 £630
RS 7 £2,313
A8 £1,480
S8 £1,778
Q3 £1,445
Q5 £420
SQ5 £510
Q7 £1,485
SQ7 £975
Q8 £630
SQ8 £1,878

Final Thoughts on the Audi Black Optics Package

In a nutshell, Audi’s “blacked-out” optional extras and trims are what make up the black optic package. Blacking out an automobile often entails covering up the taillights. Sadly, it’s probably the only feature of the bundle that hasn’t been muted. Imagine a standard Audi with chrome accents wherever you look, from the grille and wheels to the roof and logo. They would all be black, matching the rest of the packaging.

Should I shell out the additional cash? It’s debatable whether or not you should spend £4,605 on a RS 5 sports car however, if you’re considering a RS 3, that £628 could be well spent. Yet, if you’re considering a RS 3, that £628 could be well spent. As long as we can remember, we’ve always liked the all-black appearance.


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